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Today, some of the Wadadli Pen finalists (Vega, Naleka, Karenna, Akeile, Tiffany, Darryl, Rosalie) appeared on Observer Radio’s Our House with Auntie Debbie. They were so impressive, not only with how commanding and nuanced their reading of their stories were but also with respect to how articulate and eloquent and thoughtful they were when Auntie Debbie (the talented and effervescent Debbie Eckert) engaged them on issues ranging from the virtue of unity to whether or not they see themselves as artistes (which, yay, they did) to creativity and its purpose in the world.  Asked about what they would say to other young people (one commented, I think at this point) on Antigua-based Gilly Gobinet and how she started painting when she opened herself to inspiration at the most unlikely, unexpected time and hasn’t stopped since. I think that’s how the story went. I wasn’t taking notes. But one did use Gilly as an example as she spoke of artistes being risk takers and channelers of the creativity that exists in all of us. Like I said thoughtful. Perhaps these images of Gilly from one of her previous shows will provide some inspiration for you. In any case, I just wanted to share because (well they were on my hard drive and…) like Auntie Debbie said, art should be shared.

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