Rosa Guy R.I.P.

Rosa Guy – Another literary elder who’s passed from this world to the next but left a wealth of fine reading in her wake. In a sense, with her handling of coming of age issues, I think of the Trinidad born scribe as our Judy Blume . Some may disagree but Judy Blume is fresh on my mind after seeing her live in New York (and reflecting on the boldness of books like Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret) and as this coincides roughly with learning of Guy’s death and the inevitable reflections on books like Ruby, with their bold handling of sometimes taboo coming of age-to-young adult issues, I can’t help thinking there’s something to it.

In any case, Guy even all these years after her first publication, has a unique spot in the Caribbean literary canon.

R.I. P. Rosa Guy.

Read all about her over at Novel Spaces and in this New York Times obit.

Better yet, go read her books.


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