Tour Stops Revised

As you may or may not know, my book Oh Gad! launched midnight on April 17th at the Best of Books in Antigua (see video highlights and my thanks). Also for up to date news on my writing career check and/or In terms of interactive networks, you can also find me at the Caribbean Literary Salon, Red Room, Simon & SchusterLinkedin, BlogHer, Good Reads, Creative Caribbean Network, Poets and WritersShe Writes, and Commonwealth Writers.   Oh Gad! excerpts can be found on Good Reads, Signifying Guyana, and of course on Amazon where you can Search Inside.

I’m not sure where/why the original Tour Stops Real and Virtual evaporated (WordPress ghost) but below is my attempt to reconstitute it.

Virtual stops include past and current guest posts and interviews online. Here’s the highlight reel:

July 2012 – Video clips from the NY launch have been posted on my facebook page and my Amazon page.

June 14th 2012 – @ But What Are They Eating? – Guest Post: “E Bang Good”

May 2012 – @ Unheard Words – interview

May 31st 2012 – @ She Writes – Featured Blog: “Not the Same Old Carnival”

May 25th 2012 – @ BlogHer (not technically a featured/guest blog but…) – Girl Talk

May 7th – 2012 – @ She Writes – Featured Blog: Postings from Paramaribo series (One, Two, Three and Three and a half, Four, Five)

May 2012 – @ Your Style interview: ‘Joanne C. Hillhouse frees her mind’ (Page 17)

April 26th 2012 – @ Colorimetry – Guest Post

April 24th 2012 – on the Colin Sampson Show, Carib Arena TV

April 17th 2012 – Commonwealth Writers Talks to Joanne C. Hillhouse

April 15th 2012 – @ Novel Spaces – Guest Post: Love and Literature

April 12th 2012 – @ She Writes – Featured Blog: No Free Launches 

April 12th 2012 – @ She Writes – Featured Blog: It Pays to Give Back 

April 11th 2012 – @ Caribbean Book Blog – interview

April 3rd 2012 – @ Caribbean Literary Salon – interview

January 6th 2012 – @ Mindy Hardwick’s Blog – interview 

December 31st 2011 – @ Novel Spaces – “Got a Reading? Don’t Sweat it”

Real stops are upcoming physical stops in physical spaces:

The Nature Island Literary Festival – August 10th to 12th – UWI Open Campus, Roseau, Dominica

*interested in hosting Joanne C Hillhouse for an event – contact me


By Brenda Lee Browne – published at her Handbags and Chocolate blog – July 2012

“Joanne’s confidence in telling our story in a  contemporary setting with some history and mythology thrown in without making you feel  like you got to go to university to understand that our navel string is tied to the ‘muddy’ and sucks up our ancestors……bravo Joanne…bravo…..can’t wait to see this on the ‘Book Club”list across the diaspora and beyond.”

By Barbara Arrindell – published in The Sugar Mill, Volume 2, Issue 2, May – August 2012, Page 4

“it was a great read. A really well written book.”

By David B. DaCosta – published at the Caribbean Literary Salon – April 23rd 2012

Customer Reviews:

@ Amazon



Thanks to all the web sites who’ve blessed Oh Gad! with a mention: Tastes like Home, 365 Antigua, Geoffrey Philp’s blog, CaribbeanEMagazineRepeating Islands, Jay Blessed, Trip Antigua, Cutlass and Cane, Bajan Sun Online Artist Corner, Antigua Press Releases, Carib Arena, The Dominican, Munyori, Caribbean Book Blog, Signifying Guyana, Carib Daily, and probably others I’ve missed. I hope you too will help me spread the word.


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