Caribbean Women Writers Speak

UPDATE! (February 7th 2017) Edited to correct an error pointed out by one of the contributors. Also, I’m aware that the links to the referenced samples are broken as the site address seems to have changed. I may correct at some point (when able) but even if I don’t (or can’t), I do encourage you to check out the collection and the entire series.


This is a repost about Lynn Sweeting’s new WomanSpeak collection out of the Bahamas, but featuring the fresh voices of contemporary female writers from across the Caribbean. Including yours truly. You can read samples of the chosen pieces at Tongues of the Ocean including Trinidadian Simone Leid Etiquette for Fine Young Cannibals – which Sweeting describes as “one of the most important pieces in the collection” and “a disturbing depiction of Caribbean rape culture”; American Anita McDonald’s Seized – of which Sweeting said, “beautifully written, taboo subject matter”; Bahamian Helen Klonaris’ Addie’s House – which “shines a light on a doomed lesbian love affair, the religious intolerance that destroys it, and a protagonit that survives it all in a profound way”; Bahamian Nicolette Bethel’s Nellie ad Marion Bethel’s Seduction of Self; Jamaican Opal Palmer Adisa’s Watching and Waiting; Trinidadian Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming’s The Sea has been Sick; Bahamian Sonia Farmer’s An Unfortunate Number; me, repping for Antigua and Barbuda with Development; Trinidadian Danielle Boodoo-Fortune’s At Grand Riviere; late Bahamian writer Telcine Turner-Rolle’s Blue Hills Blues; Bahamian Keisha Lynne Ellis’ The Serpent and I – a creative re-telling of the Creation story; Bahamian writer Patricia Clinton Meicholas’ Miss Annie.

So looking forward to reading the full collection and after samplinig these tidbits, you will be too. Here’s the post announcing the collection lifted from here:

WomanSpeak vol 6/2012 Now Available at Lulu.Com

WomanSpeak, A Journal of Literature and Art by Caribbean Women, vol. 6/2012, is now available for purchase at The new anthology from WomanSpeak Books Nassau, The Bahamas, brings together 24 writers, poets and painters in a full colour volume edited by yours truly, designed by Julia Ames and featuring cover art by Chantal Bethel and Ashley Knowles. Volume six is especially themed, Women Speaking for The Earth. In this collection writers are not just writing about nature but are giving voice to Mother Earth herself. They also address the environmental emergencies they face as Earthling women in the Caribbean, including the pollution of the ocean, the vanishing coastlines, deforestation, as well as the responsibilities we bear in it all. As always WomanSpeak volume six/2012 is dedicated to providing a forum for women writers with diverse points of view, who break silences that need to be broken, who discuss taboo subjects, who challenge oppression by telling the truth about Caribbean women’s lives. Rape, homophobia, religious oppression and intolerance, sexuality, grief and loss are among the forbidden subjects they are bravely writing about. New works by noted writers like Lelawattee Manoo Rahming, Marion Bethel, Nicolette Bethel, and Patricia Glinton Meicholas of The Bahamas and Joanne Hillhouse of Antigua are included in this collection, as well as the work of emerging writers like Sonia Farmer and Angelique Nixon of the Bahamas, Vashti Bowlah, Danielle Boodoo-Fortune and Simone Leid of Trinidad and Tobago. There are new voices too, including poet Anita L. MacDonald and fiction writer Keisha Lynne Ellis, and new artists like Carla Campbell and Ashley Knowles in the collection. Beautiful full colour art by established and new painters make the new WomanSpeak a literary journal unlike any other, an essential book not only for writers but for painters too and for all who love art by conscious Caribbean women. WomanSpeak was founded in 1991 by Lynn Sweeting, Helen Klonaris and Dionne Benjamin Smith to provide a forum for Bahamian and Caribbean women’s creative work, to nurture that creativity by publishing fine literature and art by women, to discover and publish emerging and developing writers, to preserve publications for future audiences and to create a space where community and sisterhood among writers and artists of the Caribbean can be cultivated and encouraged. Please click the badge at right and get your copy today, and thank you for supporting women writers and artists of the Caribbean!


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    I don’t come back to this site often because I am pretty swamped. But I’m coming to post a link to another blog, Wadadli Pen. Caribbean writers of the world, unite.

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  3. hklonaris

    Beautiful to read about WomanSpeak here. I do have one correction to make, however: I am a Bahamian. A Greek Bahamian to be specific; a Bahamian citizen. I grew up in the Bahamas and have only ever considered myself Bahamian. You write of ‘American Helen Klonaris’. This is not accurate. Best, Helen Klonaris.

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