Writers, take note

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – “It’s something I’ve benefited from,” Brenda Lee Browne said as she prepares to run her first Just Write Writers Retreat at Mount Tabor in the Swetes area of Antigua.

What she means, of course, is that as an alum of the Hurston Wright Writers Retreat in Washington, for instance, and the Sheffield Hallam University Masters programme in the UK, she’s had the experience of being in an environment where you are both expected to write and to get critical feedback on what you’ve written.

“I just know how much a writer can get from an event like this,” Browne said, noting that for the retreat period, October 19 to 21, there’ll be nothing to do but write.

It’s an opportunity to both “see how serious your craft is” and meet and learn from other writers.

The location, the interior of the island where the hills are green and rolling and the city is at a muted distance, will be conducive to the process, she believes.

“It’s beautiful,” Browne said. “It’s a place where you can actually just write and not be disturbed; it encourages you to write.”

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