Oh Gad! Televised Book Chat

I’m teaming up with the Books Bookshelves and Bibliophiles facebook group, ABS TV, D’Cups (lower St. Mary’s Street in downtown St. John’s, Antigua), Brenda Lee Browne (Wadadli Pen judge and organizer of the upcoming Just Write Writers Retreat), and the Best of Books for my first ever televised book club/book chat surrounding 2012 Strebor/Atria/Simon & Schuster release Oh Gad!

It’s a chance for people to share what they think about the book, ask questions, and just hang out with other book lovers. There’ll be giveaways of Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, one of my previous books, courtesy of The Best of Books and opportunities to purchase the new book as well – or to bring your previously purchased copy and have it signed by the author (that’s me!)

I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be interviewed by Brenda Lee, will read a favourite section selected by one of the books fans, and try to answer alll of your questions as candidly as I can.

True bibliophiles know that part of the fun of reading a book is discussing it with others afterwords – what you liked, what you didn’t like, who’s your favourite character and why, which character did you wish would die a slow, horrible death. Come dish.

Do so while sipping your iced coffee at D’Cups as we record the entire thing for broadcast – because strategically this is about giving the book an extra push. I believe in this book and I want more people to know about it. Plus given what a solitary endeavour writing is, it’ll be kind of cool to engage with people who’ve read the book and hear what they genuinely think. I’m not asking you to come stroke my ego; I want a spirited discussion fuelled by your differing reactions to the book. So, come chat.

If you live in Antigua and you’re interested in being a part of this discussion for broadcast, reply to this message for details about the September 30th event/recording. If you don’t live in Antigua and know someone who does and who might be interested in participating, give them a heads up and have them RSVP me for details.






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2 responses to “Oh Gad! Televised Book Chat

  1. I’m quite keen on being a part of this journey!

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