Moonlight Festival Pics…and the musings they stirred

Considering Venus author D Gisele Isaac speaking at the Moonlight Street Fair.

Shakeema ‘Star’ Edwards in 2008 reading her winning piece from the Dancing Nude in the Moonlight next chapter contest.

This moonlight post has been in draft phase for a while as I wanted to upload all the pictures at once. All that happens is I keep forgetting it. So, here they are, will add the other pictures when I bump into them.

Bumping into this too-long-in-draft-post however has me thinking of what a wonderful night this was – It was 2008 and the Best of Books and Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival had teamed up to celebrate my book Dancing Nude in the Moonlight. Totally unprompted and unprovoked, just as a way of celebrating a local author while simultaneously generating sales and promoting the literary festival.  The street was blocked off, tents set up, there was a special Moonlight drink, readings, discussion. Reflecting on that night, tonight, especially on the heels of another great book event, this one the Oh Gad! televised book chat (in 2012), I’m feeling pretty blessed.  And not just because in 2008, I didn’t even have a publisher for Oh Gad! or an agent for that matter and was preparing to attempt a final draft. But because of the people without whom these celebrations would never have happened; from the readers to the people who help pull it all off behind the scenes. I woke up this morning and all the problems that had been there a day before, all the set backs, were still there like hurdles in my path; but I felt in leaping mode like I could conquer them, like even if I slipped and took a tumble, I would not be undone. Now, I know I can’t sustain this high. But today I felt lucky and blessed and joyful, and I hugged these rare feelings and didn’t want to let them go. Because in spite of everything, and it’s a whole bunch of everything you really don’t want to hear about, good things happen. Sometimes people say yes, sometimes they show up for you, sometimes they go the extra mile, sometimes they wish you well, sometimes it’s not even the people you expect, sometimes life doesn’t come with a quid pro quo and money above all proviso; and at some time, you’ll get the opportunity to be as generous to someone, paying it back ward or forward or sideways and hopefully embrace that opportunity. That’s the kind of feeling I felt for most of the day. And even if tomorrow is a huge fail, and everything I’ve worked to build crumbles, and the things I’m reaching toward slip away, how nice it was to have these evenings (the Moonlight Street Fair to the televised book club chat, and other activities in between), laughing, and sharing, sipping wine, and just being…in the moment with people who choose to be in the moment with you, to support you in the moment…just because. On reflection, even thank you is inadequate in such moments.

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