In the Black Launches

This is just a heads up, especially for folks in Canada, that there are two – mark ’em – two opportunities to witness the launch of Dr. Althea Prince’s latest collection in the Black.

Issued by Insomniac Press and edited by Prince, it features works by African Canadian writers (and me), including:

Catherine Bain – One Hand Can’t Clap; George Elliott Clark – A Record of the Ruction; Gayle Gonsalves – A Good Woman; Joanne C. Hillhouse – The Man of Her Dreams; Clifton Joseph – Chuckie Prophesy, *footnote to the end of a love affair, and RITES/FOR WALTER RODNEY; Dwayne Morgan – Tight-Lipped, The Ethnic Vote, Hoop Dreams, Name Calling, Man Up, We Are the Ones; Motion – Locks and Love, Graf, SheLand*, and Be Girl; Jelani Nias – Bottles’ Hustle and Graduation; Althea Prince – Push and They Buried Her Mother Twice; Djanet Sears – Thomasina, Angel, and Me and Christmas Eve; Mansa Trotman – Listen,  Marrow, and Sundays.

Here’s an excerpt from Prince’s introduction included in the book:

This collection consists of fresh writing from a number of authors. The book is consciously intergenerational,
and is a “mix” of genres. The objective is to bring togetherwriters of short fiction, poetry, dub poetry, and
hip hop.
The focus in the collection is on the authors’ subjectivities—all will contribute to an expanded vision of African Canadian literature. The cultural and historical landscape is a vibrant part of the African Canadian imaginary, and is reflected in the writing of the authors whose work is included in the anthology. The collection contains the work of two Governor General’s Award winners, a winner of two Gemini Awards, and other award-winning writers.

Clearly, this gathering of African Canadian writers’ fresh writings will be useful in the classroom, as well as for personal collections.

The Insomniac Press launch party is October 22nd at 4 p.m. and a launch is also planned for October 26th at A Different Booklist on 746 Bathhurst Street at 6:30 p.m. Meanwhile, there’s a giveaway which wraps on October 15th, at this writing at


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