Caribbean Publisher Readies New Titles

This update just in from Caribbean publisher, Mario Picayo (someone definitely worth knowing if you’re interested in writing and publishing Caribbean stories, especially but not exclusively for the children’s market):

We are finishing several projects before the year ends, among them new websites for Campanita Books / Little Bell Caribean and Editorial Campana (adult imprint). By the time we finish it will be 4 websites- two for the adult titles (one in English one in Spanish) and two for the Children’s and Young Adults titles (again, one in Spanish one in English).  It has been a lot of work, but worth it since we will finally be able to give the required space and exposure to the Caribbean Book Project, photo albums, videos, and will also be able to update information a lot faster.  A “News and Events” section, plus a “Featured” section (new books, interviews etc.) will make the page more dynamic and we have also organized archives and books/authors information better. A new “Resource Center” will allow visitors to download coloring pages, study guides and much more.

If all goes as expected, we should launch (English edition) by November 1st, and the rest before the end of 2012.

Other projects completed:

We published a two year project for the adult division: Breaking Ground/Abriendo Caminos: Anthology of Puerto Rican Women Writers in New York, 1980-2012. 46 authors, 432 pages and a landmark work. It was produced in collaboration with Boricua College in New York and edited by Myrna Nieves. I included a flyer with some critical blurbs. You can also go to and take a look.  It will be officially launched in November, but the book is already out.

We wrapped production on I am the Virgin Islands, the 5th installment in our holiday season book series for the Office of the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands (and 12th book for the Office of the Governor, if we include the Summer Reading Challenge titles).  I have included the casewrap (cover and back cover) so that you can all have a sneak peek at what the children of the USVI will receive at the three parties (December 8- St.Thomas, December 12 St. John, and December 15th St. Croix).

And finally, we sent my new title Fun, Fun, One Crab on the Run to press (see case wrap enclosed), a Caribbean counting board book for small children. The book marks our first collaboration with Grenadian illustrator Stacey Byer.  All the animals and plants depicted in this little book are Caribbean residents.  We hope to see it in many libraries and bookstores in the Caribbean and beyond. Hopefully it will be ready before December 15th. My friend, the talented Summer Edward, helped with the proof reading and making the text, in rhyme, flow better.

Our many Caribbean journeys in 2012 have opened the door to future projects, and we are pursuing each and every one of them. We have met extraordinary illustrators and writers, a deep pool of talent that needs to be introduced to the world. We have also met many librarians, people in government and in the private sector with the drive and vision to guide our efforts. This project belongs to all of you, and should be defined by the particular needs of every community and nation.  My job is to facilitate the task, and to serve as bridge between the islands, but, I repeat, the project is yours.

… lets keep working for the creation of a pan-Caribbean children’s literature movement: books by us, for our children to see themselves in, and for the world to see us as we really are.

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  1. Can’t wait to visit the new website. Kudos to Mario. Exciting things in store for him and Campana. From my mouth to God’s ears.

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