Wadadli Pen Challenge Prompt – Saying it with Style

Oftentimes a specific action is the grounding for a story that can go off in surprising directions. Oftentimes it’s about tone – the attitude with which the authorial voice views what is happening.  Sometimes it’s a matter of style, how the author chooses to tell the story. The situation and purpose of the writing influence tone and style; tone and style determine the choices a writer makes about everything from word choice to characterization and ultimately how readers respond to the writing.

That in mind, here’s your challenge:

Below is a series of three words. Pick one set of three and with the words as guides or inspiration with respect to tone and style, write a scene in which a girl walks up High Street and a much older man walks behind her, harassing her with words about her perceived “ugliness.”

Here are the series of three that will direct how you handle this scene.

Ancestral. Allegorical. Mythical.

Organic. Electric. Gritty.

Surprising. Evocative. Happy.

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