Well, why not?

Check out this totally gratuitous (translation: just for fun) Wadadli Pen Near-Year-End top 10 list (hell, it’s the time of year for it). Maybe you’ll see something you want to read and share. Site stats show that from most to least these are the most popular posts (not including the home page and previous top 10 lists) on the site over the past year:

  1. Discovering West Indian Literature in English – A Selected Bibliography – Compiled and Selected by John Robert Lee (Published in Castries, 2010)
  2. Wadadli Pen 2013
  3. The Legend of Banana Boy by Chatrisse Beazer
  4. About Wadadli Pen
  5. Blogger’s Bio
  6. Antiguan and Barbudan Writings
  7. Playwrights and Screenwriters (Antiguan and Barbudan Connection)
  8. Spotlight Antiguan and Barbudan International Literary Festival 
  9. Antiguan and Barbudan Songwriters
  10. Antiguan and Barbudan Non Fiction Writings

Just missed it: Who Won in 2012?

Check out, while you’re at it, the 10 winning Wadadli Pen stories read by visitors to the site in 2012 (have you read them as yet?):

  1. The Legend of Banana Boy by Chatrisse Beazer
  2. The Legend of the Sea Lords by Vega Armstrong
  3. The Adventures of Mr. Coconut by Akeile Benjamin
  4. Smitten by Rosalie Richards 
  5. Snowcone Melancholia by Darryl George
  6. Thirty Six Hundred by Arati Jagdeo
  7. The Scary Night by Zuri Holder 
  8. The Colour Red by Tiffany Smith
  9. Every Rose has its Thorn by Ariel Dunnah
  10. The Caribbean Flavour by Karenna Nicholson

Just missed it: The Yard by Arati Jagdeo


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