Positive Buzz

Early response to In the Black, the Althea Prince collection of writings by African Canadian writers (and me) in which you can find my story The Man of Her Dreams has been positive.

“This cadent collection of poetry and prose from some of Canada’s most gifted black writers is moving, and sometimes disturbing, for readers of any colour,” begins the Herald Arts and Life review by Philip K. Thompson, who goes on to say of my story: “Joanne C. Hillhouse included her fascinating story The Man of Her Dreams. It describes a politician’s assistant falling in love with him, almost unknowingly, without realizing it until the day he marries one of her best friends. The scene where she blurts everything out at the wedding microphone is quite funny. A great lesson in not hiding true feelings, especially from yourself.”

Be sure to check out his commentary on the other stories in the series.

One reader posting to goodreads, meanwhile, singled out a handful of the stories in the collection including mine, saying, “This is a collection of several African Canadian artists and in different styles. They are all diverse and I think it was a good selection…Among the short stories there were a few that stood out for me. The Man of Her Dreams by Joanne C. Hillhouse and Push by Althea Prince were especially great in bringing out emotions and used the language greatly to get one to picture it all.” Push is one of my favourites too by the way, as I posted here.

You know, I was commenting to a friend today that right now in my life, it is, to reference one of my favourite writers, the best of times and the worst of times. I won’t get into the worst (TMI) but as for the best, everytime I get an email from someone (a generous reference letter from a former professor, an enthusiastic reader review by private email – both just this week), I feel encouraged. In every other way, it seems, life has been a struggle lately, but for this I am grateful, that I write…and readers respond. Thank you to all who’ve taken the time to do so whether privately or publicly…publicly though helps generate much needed buzz for my latest book Oh Gad! So, you know, help a writer out. With your buzzing maybe more and more book sellers will carry it, more and more readers discover it, maybe more blessings will flow. Writing a book may be a solitary thing, but selling a book is a community affair; thank you all for being part of my community.

Check out reader reviews, for Oh Gad! The Boy from Willow Bend Dancing Nude in the Moonlight and other Writings and maybe add your own.  Thanks!

As with all content on wadadlipen.wordpress.com, except otherwise noted, this is written by Joanne C. Hillhouse (author of The Boy from Willow Bend, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, and Oh Gad!). All Rights Reserved. If you enjoyed it, check out my page on Amazon, WordPress, and/or Facebook, and help spread the word about Wadadli Pen and my books. You can also subscribe to the site to keep up with future updates. Thanks.


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  1. readerbuzz

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you both for stopping by and for your encouraging words; I hope you’ll check out my books.

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