Walking and Baking

I was reading this post (What Would Emily Dickenson Do?) earlier and thinking how (though I don’t bake) relatable it is… how doing other things, things that require less mental focus is one way to unlock the writing. My car’s been parked for the better part of a year so, yeah, a lot more walking of necessity and public transportation …and when I’m feeling optimistic I think of it as a good thing…the conversations I tune in to, the ways I tune out etc etc The writing is still mostly coming in bits and pieces but when it comes it comes of those moments, mostly…one of the reasons it’s always good to have your journal with you… (and my structured writing time, such as it is, usually ends up being very much about clean up). I thought “hey I should share that over at Wadadli Pen” (food for thought and all that). That was before I realized she had name checked me (or ‘Joanne C. Hill’ anyway…I think we’re the same person since the comment links to an interview I did with Bajan writer Sandra Sealey at the SheWrites site) …one thing links to another, and I link you to this. It’s an interesting read.

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