Your Wadadli Pen Pledge

Seasons greetings,

We’re coming up on the end of the year which means we’re coming up on the beginning of the 2013 Wadadli Pen season.

First, we want to say thank you for all the support and encouragement you’ve given us over the years.

Second, as it is the season of giving, I’ll ask you to consider giving to Wadadli Pen – a programme committed to supporting young writers in Antigua and Barbuda by nurturing and spotlighting their creative efforts. Right now, the main thing we encourage young people to do is write; be imaginative, be explorative, find the stories within and around them and, to borrow the title of judge Brenda Lee Browne’s writing programme, just write.  Through the programme, we put out a call for submisions, short list the best of those and work with them on the editing of their entries, a key part of the writing and publishing process. Through this process and by selecting and rewarding the best of the lot, we continue to build their skills and confidence, and add to the canon of Caribbean-centric stories and to the cadre of emerging Caribbean writers. Enormous possibility lives here, and we aim to help it realize its own possibility and express itself.

Here’s how you can give to Wadadli Pen this Christmas. By pledging a contribution to either the prize pool for Wadadli Pen or to supporting the efforts behind the scenes; the latter is not a pledge I’ve asked for before. Since 2004, we’ve given our time freely and absorbed the various expenses associated with putting on this annual Challenge with all proceeds going directly to the Challenge winners. But ideally in the interest of Wadadli Pen being sustainable long term, I’d like to begin covering some of those expenses including our efforts to formally register Wadadli Pen as a legal non-profit in Antigua and Barbuda, cover administrative expenses, maybe pay a small stipend to those who work on the programme, and in time expand our programmes (we have so many ideas, so little time and so few resources). This would be a new experiment and there will be kinks, and even as we ask you to consider supporting what happens behind the scenes, making sure that we collect pledges toward attractive prize packages for our budding writers is the bigger priority.

Your contribution, no matter how large or small can help secure either the best rewards for the writers participating in the 2013 season of the annual Wadadli Pen Challenge or the long term sustainability of this programme.

Either way, put us on your Christmas list, consider making a pledge to Wadadli Pen, and CLICK HERE to give us the good news.

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