…toward Wadadli Pen 2013

I posted this on my facebook earlier today…and now I’m posting it here:

Just got off the phone with Conrad Luke and feeling extremely blessed as he, with no pleading whatsoever from me, pledged a second straight year of patronage to Wadadli Pen and for a few more years as well…all this while I’ve been too busy and bummed with real life to even begin thinking about soliciting or really putting things in place for the 2013 programme. We need all the help we can get  (as stated in this pledge request) so so thankful for those who’ve pledged their support already for 2013 such as Hands Across the Sea, Jamaican writer Diana McCaulay, the Best of Books and now Lukie. Sweet! I might have danced around the living room and sang a little Tammi Faye Baker (“we’re blessed, we’re blessed, we’re blessed..”) after getting off the phone, but there’s no video footage to prove it 🙂



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