■ Write on any theme.

■The word limit is 600 per entry.

■Entries can be in any literary genre and/or style, but must be Caribbean in spirit.

■Entries must be original and previously unpublished.

■Each writer is allowed up to three entries.

■Entries must be submitted electronically, in Microsoft Word format, to wadadlipen@yahoo.com (either as an attachment or copied into the body of the email).

■Subject line should read ‘WADADLI PEN CHALLENGE 2013 submission (plus the main author’s initials)’ – for example, if I were submitting, it would read: WADADLI PEN CHALLENGE 2013 JCH – attachments without the appropriate subject line will not be opened.

■Include (on a separate page) contact info – your name, age, gender, school (if any), email, phone, address and, if below age 18, the name of your parent/guardian and contact number; if 18 and over, include place of employ or institution of study.

■ Be sure to name your story/poem.

■Submit a short bio – no more than five lines; and an even shorter story summary  or in the case of a poem something about what inspired it.

■Judges will provide feedback on short listed entries and writers will be required to review, possibly revise and resubmit before final selection.

■Be sure to declare that you are the creator and owner of the story or art work submitted, and that you are granting permission to use said creation to the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize. Be sure to review our Terms of Use before doing so.

■Joint submissions are acceptable but all names must be listed and winners will have to divide the prizes among themselves (there will not be duplication of prizes).

■Any legal resident or citizen of Antigua and Barbuda may enter, provided he/she is 35 years or younger.

■ Contingent on the quality of the entries, winners will be selected in the 12 and under, 13 to 17, and 18 to 35 age categories, with three overall best writers being selected as well – these may come from any of the age categories.

■ The winner’s name will be added to the Challenge plaque sponsored by the Best of Books.

■Antiguans and Barbudans not resident on the island may also enter provided they can designate a resident Antiguan and Barbudan to collect their winnings; prizes will not be shipped overseas.

■The 2013 submission deadline is February 15th 2013.

■Winners will be announced (and rewarded) at a date to be announced during a ceremony hosted by the Best of Books.

■Winners should receive prizes submitted by various sponsors (we are in the process of soliciting said prizes) and divided at the discretion of the Wadadli Pen team.

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