Wadadli Pen Art Competition

We’ve had art comps as a part of the Wadadli Pen Challenge off and on over the years. Well, this year, it’s on! It’s partner Barbara Arrindell, manager of the Best of Books’ baby. In December 2012, Arrindell released her second book and as she plans future books featuring the beloved Anansi character, or accurately, Mrs. Anansi, she wants to piggyback Wadadli Pen to unearth a possible art collaborator. Wadadli pen age and country restrictions still apply; and as before submissions will have to be scanned and submitted to wadadlipen@yahoo.com with the appropriate subject line and other identifying information per usual terms and guidelines. Here, though, are Barbara’s terms and guidelines specific to the art challenge:

Artists taking part in the competition will be required to provide three sketches from a list of six scenarios detailed below. Of these, the only compulsory sketch will be the one labelled #6. Two others labeled sketches will also have to be submitted. Here are the options:

#1 – An angry Mrs. Anansi cussing her husband who is standing by looking rather sheepish.

#2 – A family portrait of the Anansi Clan. They have 3 children. The eldest is a girl – The other two are boys. You depict them at any age you see appropriate.

#3 – Mrs. Anansi driving either a sports car – top down or an SUV – show scenery also … perhaps potholes in the road or fence at the side of the road.

#4 – The Anansi’s home. A typical, well kept, brightly coloured wooden house with a veranda in the “Round-South area”

#5 – The Anansi children flying a kite in an open field.

#6 -Mrs. Anansi described as a forgetful, mature female spider who claims to be the wife of Brer Anansi; she is dressed in bright Caribbean colours, sporting high heeled shoes on 4 of her feet and dread locks tied neatly on her head.

Registration forms and scenario outlines can be collected from The Best of Books on St. Mary’s Street.

The artwork submitted for this challenge remains the property of the artists unless or until a subsequent agreement is made.


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2 responses to “Wadadli Pen Art Competition

  1. Latoya

    The Bookshop stated that all registration forms were available online. Please advise where that link for registration forms can be found. Thank you.

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