The Clock is Ticking: Teacher Edition

With three days and counting to the February 15th deadline for the Wadadli Pen 2013 Challenge, I have to tip my hat to teachers like the one who emailed today to say that we can expect at least 30 submissions from her class alone not because she’s angling for the prize for most submissions, though that would be nice, but because: “We definitely need to boost morale; children no longer have the passion to write and participate so I would really like them to see the difference that their contribution / participation can make.”

That’s what we’re talking about!

It’s not good news that they have no passion for reading and writing, but it is excellent news when a teacher is committed to encouraging them.

Though I don’t mind telling you, given the work involved in prepping the submissions for distribution to the judges, I’m a little bit scared that the answer to yesterday’s question might indeed be option D.


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