That Woman Don’t Cry

Thursday wasn’t just Valentine’s Day; it was the day of One Billion Rising, a global movement to spotlight and spur action with respect to violence and human trafficking.


Women of Antigua hosted a street rally which included dancing, stirring speeches, song, drumming, and poetry. As this is a literary site, you knew we were going to share the poetry with you didn’t you? With thanks to the poetess, Veronica Yearwood:


That Woman Don’t Cry

Step into her inner space and you will find

that area is too large for you

It makes you feel insignificant with the size

That woman don’t cry

That woman don’t cry

Even through all the endless lonely nights

The taking of her pride and joy

The removal of what she holds sacred

The lost loved ones ……

That woman don’t cry

Look at her alabaster skin

Gaze on its smoothness, the glow that emanates from it

Now look deeper and see the colour of your ego

The easily recognised mixture of colours

Black and blue

The black and blue that is etched in her soul

In those colours see where you caressed her

And recognise them as your declarations of your undying love

The colours of your love

The colours that when she sees them….

So as to save her soul and the child she bore you

And know..

That Woman don’t cry…

…..Won’t cry

…..Dare not cry.

Look closely at her.

Shhh! And listen….

Her cries are in the vigorous raising of her offspring

The sharp tongue of correction

The stride in her walk

The shake of her hips and head

The need to succeed.

Shhhh! Listen to her cries

For they are cries of success.

Reach deep into the abyss of her mind

And you will find

That woman don’t cry

Walk past her inner being

For you can only walk past and dare not enter

You will find the pillars of strength

Towering high, standing strong and immobile

Unweathered by her many storms

And know…

That woman,

My Black Caribbean Woman

Don’t cry!

*Please respect the poet’s copyright.

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