Who made the short list?

UPDATE – for an open letter to Wadadli Pen finalists (and all budding writers), go here.

 After the first round of judging, these are the names of the writers tapped by one or more of the judges in this year’s Wadadli Pen Challenge. Each entry is evaluated blind by at least two judges in round one and then by the chief judge in round 2 after which they will be returned to the respective writers for final editing. Who’ll make the final cut? That’ll be decided in the second round of judging and revealed during the awards ceremony. These are the ones still in the running (you may notice some familiar names *see links* from previous Wadadli Pen Challenges).

12 and younger

Chammaiah Ambrose (Sunnyside)

Vega Armstrong (St. Nicholas)

Juliet Browne (Villa Primary)

Zuri Holder (Antigua Grammar School)

Rhea Watkins (St. John’s Catholic Primary)

13 to 17

Asha Graham (Antigua Girls High School)

Michaela Harris (Antigua Girls High School)

Isheba Simon (Antigua State College)

18 to 35

Danielle M. Benjamin

Daryl George

Latoya Aretha Honore

Arati Jagdeo

Jamila H. K. Salankey

Latisha Walker-Jacobs


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5 responses to “Who made the short list?

  1. Latoya

    I am jumping for joy here!! Just to see the name of my student (Go Rhea!!) and my own has made me one proud teacher!!! Hallelujah!!! Great stuff!!

  2. Latoya

    Congrats to all of the finalists!!

    Great Work!!

  3. Latisha

    Congrats to all the finalists in this year’s (2013) challenge ……Antigua has so many talented individuals its a pity it has to be narrowed down…!

  4. Tisha Gregory

    Congratulations Rhea on your good work I hope you keep it up and I know you can do it I always tell you to aim for the top and if you fall below that then at least I know u tried hard so always aim for the top and keep aiming cause I know your will get there shine bright like the diamond I know you are from aunty Tisha

  5. Maalum

    The Cushion Club says congratulation to all the shortlisted story tellers…….
    especially Juliet and Zuri…………

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