Caribbean Writers are facing a dilemma…

Breaking the Shackles

Caribbean writers are facing a dilemma. The region is blessed with numerous poets and novelists whose work has thrilled readers over the years.

But if you speak to many booklovers in and outside of the Caribbean, or check out some online message boards where the topic of discussion is Caribbean literature, you’ll find people bewailing how difficult it is to find good books by Caribbean writers, whether it’s in the region itself or in the metropolitan markets.

There is also a thirst for new writers which goes unquenched – again because it’s not easy to find their books in the bookshops. What a shame, considering how difficult it is for new writers – not to mention those from the Caribbean, especially if they reside there – to get published. Yet, undaunted, the young aspirants continue to spill out of creative-writing classes and workshops yearning to have their voices heard.

Caribbean writers are increasingly being published by small presses in the UK, US and Canada. Several of these publishers have said they have a tough time trying to get mainstream bookshops to stock their books. Those writers who opt for self-publishing find it even more of a hassle to get shelf space for their books in the bookstores.

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