Avecia James (Second Placed, Art, Junior)

The 2013 Wadadli Pen art challenge was Barbara Arrindell’s idea. Barbara is owner/manager of long time Wadadli Pen partner, the Best of Books and also an author of illustrated books. She had a notion that she might find her next drawing partner (the person to help her re-imagine that iconic Caribbean literary character, Anansi) through the Challenge. They were to draw Mrs. Anansi a as a modern Caribbean woman and two other scenes: Mrs Anansi cussing while Anansi looks sheepish, a family portrait with three children, Anansi driving a sports car, the Anansi home – ’round South, or the Anansi children flying kites. She’ll probably need to keep looking – most of the entries were from children who need a little time yet to develop their technical skills. The best of them though were selected for encouragement.

They include second placed winner, Avecia James. Avecia is a nine year old student at St. John’s Catholic Primary. We’re told she likes to both write and draw and dreams of being a world famous cartoonist some day. For her efforts in the art challenge, Avecia receives gifts from Art at the Ridge, the Best of Books, and Arrindell.These are her drawings:

Art Set J 1Art Set J 2Art Set J 3

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