Garvin Jeffrey Benjamin (Winner, Art, Young Adult)

The 2013 Wadadli Pen art challenge was Barbara Arrindell’s idea. Barbara is owner/manager of long time Wadadli Pen partner, the Best of Books and also an author of illustrated books. She had a notion that she might find her next drawing partner (the person to help her re-imagine that iconic Caribbean literary character, Anansi) through the Challenge. They were to draw Mrs. Anansi a as a modern Caribbean woman and two other scenes: Mrs Anansi cussing while Anansi looks sheepish, a family portrait with three children, Anansi driving a sports car, the Anansi home – ’round South, or the Anansi children flying kites. We can’t say for sure if she’s found her collaborator, but Gavin Jeffrey Benjamin’s submissions caught her eye and won him the young adult prize.

Who is Garvin Jeffrey Benjamin? “I’m a young, gifted Antiguan with the passion for art, and writing stories. My main career goal is to be a world famous cartoonist and make my country proud.”

For his efforts, he’s received gifts from Art at the Ridge and the Best of Books.These are his drawings:

Miss PAGE Ten

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