To Agent or Not to Agent

A budding writer recently asked me if you need an agent. I’ve sold books with and without an agent, and I prefer with but I suspect various published writers will have different perspectives on this…especially now that (self) publishing is so much more accessible in the digital age and the line between  self publishing or publishing with a publishing house is becoming a bit more artificial or fluid, maybe. I don’t know if you absolutely need an agent; I know for my part I wanted someone with a leg in the industry who could get my manuscript into the right hands, look out for my interests, and advise me (I go to my agent still with all sorts of questions as I continue to try to navigate this publishing world from my little island). I don’t think either scenario to agent or not to agent is perfectly written in stone nor perfectly satisfying; it probably comes down to what you want to get out of your publishing journey. Here’s one agent’s perspective:

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