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So the winning stories have been posted for a minute and (though we had the Anansi art comp) illustration of the 2013 winning stories wasn’t a part of the Challenge as it was in 2011 when we sought and received visual interpretations of  The Curse of the Kumina, The Lost Coin, The Scary Night, Mongoose in a Hole, Sands and Butterflies, and Market Day. There was some art, though not an official illustration comp in 2012. Akeile Benjamin submitted images with her story The Adventures of Mr. Coconut  Also her story was freshly interpreted when published in Anansesem. Vega Armstrong’s Legend of the Sea Lords was also published in Anansesem and also received the artistic treatment.

Colour me curious. What images would artists have come up with to complement the 2013 winning stories? This is not a competition, there is no first, second, third, no prizes. But it is a challenge. If inclined and artistic like that create an image inspired by scene or scenes from one of this year’s winning stories. Send to and I’ll post my favourites on the site. No age limit. Just for fun.

Here are the links to:

How Tigers Got Stripes

Hide and Seek

Julie Drops

Ceramic Blues

Revelations Tonight


Secret of de Mango Tree

The Big Event

Her Blackest Sin


Teachers, one way to use this prompt in the classroom might be to pick one of the stories that’s age appropriate, do a read aloud and have them talk about and then draw what the story evokes. Send the best of the images to and I’ll post my favourites on the site with their name, school, and teacher’s name.









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