A Barbuda Adventure

Barbuda is Antigua’s sister island and Barbuda Express, a ferry connecting both islands, was one of this year’s Wadadli Pen patrons providing two tickets each to the three main finalists. So when a friend of one of the finalists shared her experience of their April 23rd trip, with some urging on my part, on my facebook, it was a no brainer that I’d bring it to you here at Wadadli Pen. Here’s Latisha’s Barbuda Express and Barbuda experience, with only some mild editing, in her own words:

“I accompanied a family friend on a trip he won to Barbuda. Being energetic and adventurous, I couldn’t wait to leave again to explore the sister isle. This was my second time going to (the) island in years; (I) was only in primary school the first time I went to Barbuda, so this trip would have been my second. Myself and my friend boarded the ferry at exactly nine o’clock, the ferry was to leave the point wharf (at) exactly nine thirty. Must I say the Barbuda express has a very well mannered captain and staff.  A big ‘thumbs up’ goes out to the safety person – One Love, that’s the name he goes by – he made the boat ride an enjoyable one by putting the safety tips into a poem. The ride over was a little rough but I must say the view of the beautiful water was amazing; different parts of the sea had different colors. We arrived in Barbuda in an hour’s time; we were greeted by the new Minister of tourism Calvin [I believe she means Head of Tourism on the Barbuda Council Calvin Gore] and the bus driver Jala. Although Barbuda is flat, it has beautiful scenery – the bird sanctuary, the caves, and must I say Barbuda has one of the most beautiful pink white sandy beaches. I even learned about plants that are grown on both islands that can cure a cut and even plants that grow only on rocks for tea. We were even shown the beach where Princes Diana walked on. At the end of the tour we were transported by boat to a private beach were we sat and had lunch. Lunch was to die for; I must say (hats) off to the chef. Then we relaxed on the beach for two hours I even met a family from the Bahamas who were very kind. My experience in Barbuda was excellent, I can’t wait to go back; but I think the government should build a bridge from here to Barbuda, that’s something to think about.”

Latisha in Barbuda

By the way, the friend she went with was Zuri Holder, author of The Big Event, and winner of third placed over all and best writer in the 12 and younger age category in 2013.

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