Antiguan-Barbudan Monica Matthew Part of Word Line-up in NYC




Balancing Creativity and Commerce in Caribbean Literary Expression

Marva Allen – CEO of Hue-man Bookstore, and co-publisher of Open Lens an imprint of Akashic Books

Crystal Bobb-Semple – owner of Brownstone Bookstore

Ron Kavanaugh – founder and managing editor of Mosaic Literary Magazine, exploring the literary arts created by writers of African descent

Summer Edward – founder and managing editor of Anansesem, Caribbean children’s literature ezine

Victoria Brown, author, Grace in the City – Moderator



Culture Making – Literature that Defines Us  (Under 8 yrs)

Shabana Sharif (US/Guyana), “Ins and Out of Queens”

Tiphanie Yanique (Virgin Is), “I am the Virgin Islands”

Ibi Zoboi (Haiti), “A is for Ayiti”


Memory and Myth – Rooted in history and the fantastical

(8 – 15 yrs)

Tracey & Harmony Pierre (US/Haiti)

Clyde Viechweg (Grenada), “CaribbeanTwilight; Tales of the Supernatural”


Off Island – Journeys in time and place

(Teens – Young Adults)

Zetta Elliott (St. Kitts-Nevis), “Ship of Souls”

Devon Harris (Jamaica), “Yes I Can”



Where We’re From – Identity and Influence

Carmen Bardeguez-Brown (Puerto Rico), “Straight from the Drum”

Etaniel Ben Yehuda (US/Trinidad & Tobago), “The Chronicles of Air, Water, and the Source”

Anna Ruth Henriques (Jamaica), “The Book of Mechtilde”

Monica Matthew (Antigua & Barbuda), “Journeycakes:  Memories with my Antiguan Mama”


Memory and Myth – Our History Clings to Us

Keisha Gay Anderson (Jamaica)

Lynn Grange (Trinidad & Tobago),

“Freedom and the Cashew Seed”

Petra Lewis (Trinidad & Tobago), “Sons and Daughters of Ham”

Bernice McFadden (US/Barbados),

“Nowhere is a Place”


Off Island – Migration and Displacement

Elsie Agustave (Haiti), “The Roving Tree”

Elizabeth Nunez (Trinidad & Tobago), “Boundaries”

Sandra Ottey (Jamaica), “Runaway Comeback”


Get Up Stand Up – Texts of Empowerment

Deborah Jack (St Martin/St Maarten)

Rosamond King (US/Gambia/Trinidad), “At My Belly and My Back”

Hermina Marcellin (St. Lucia)

David Mills (US/Jamaica), “The Sudden Country”

Ras Osagyefo (Jamaica), “Psalms of Osagyefo”

Jive Poetic (US/Jamaica)

Maria Rodriguez (US/Puerto Rico)


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