Cushion Club Awards Student, Celebrates End of Season

These pictures are from the last Cushion Club session of the season; and as these pictures attest it was quite a session. Sorry I missed all the fun…and was MIA much of the year. Hopefully, I’ll see you guys next season.


Oh, in the centre, you’ll see one girl making a presentation to another; that’s part of the Cushion Club’s ongoing relationship with Buckley’s Primary school in which it awards the sixth grader who performs the best in humanties-based subjects. It’s taken a while to get the prize to last year’s winner Shouzan  George (the taller one below) who is now a student at Antigua Girls High School but mission accomplished.


The Cushion Club also took the opportunity to big up the teacher who was there at the start of this relationship, Leah Robinson, who has since been transferred to Villa Primary where she remains one of our greatest allies…and more importantly a committed educator. She was awarded for her enthusiastic participation in Cushion Club related (and might I add, Wadadli Pen related) activities…in fact, any activities that are in the best interest of her children. We need more like her.


Oh and Cedric, I know you shun the limelight but none of this would be possible without you. And see those smiles..


…that’s all because of you. Take a bow. See you next season.

FYI, if you’re reading this, the Cushion Club is a reading club for kids in Antigua and Barbuda. It meets during the school year current at the University Centre on Saturday mornings between 10:30 a.m. and 12 noon. The images in this post are from the last two sessions of the 2012-2013 season. The club will be on break until school resumes at which time volunteer readers and children (also clearly games and books) will be welcomed.  ‘Til then.

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