Caribbean Awards for Excellence – only two days left

So, I’ve been reading through the booklet for the Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence. I thought I’d share some highlights which you’ll need to consider if you intend to make nominations.

There are three awards categories – arts and letters, science and technology, and public and civic contributions.

The winner gets TT$500,000, a medal and a citation at the awards ceremony next April.

This is not intended as a lifetime achievement award; they’re seeking mid-career nominees, ideally, people who still have some work to do, with the prize intended as a way to assist them with continuing that work while serving as models for aspirants in the field.

The process is open; any one can nominate a candidate. A candidate can even nominate him or herself (think of it as applying for a fellowship).

Nominations must be made by August 31st (so, yeah, time’s running out).

Some things to consider though –

Nominees should show a track record of consistently excellent work, work marked by originality, work with the potential to add to the knowledge of the field in which the nominee works. But not only add to the knowledge but serve as models for further work, work with interesting and new ideas specific to the Caribbean and its needs in present and future.

Personality and name are secondary to the nominee’s work and potential, but you’ll need referees willing to speak to the nominees’ record and potential.

There should be potential of future work which (as noted before) could be positively aided by the award.

The nomination form can be found here. If the link doesn’t work, go to and take it from there.

Submit by email to

Once the forms are in, they go to country nominating committees for background checks and such. There isn’t one specifically for Antigua – rather we are grouped with the OECS (and the members of that committee hail from St. Lucia, St. Vincent, St. Kitts, Grenada, and Dominica). An eminent panel (which includes one well known name from the eastern Caribbean, Dr. Dwight Venner) will decide on the winning candidates once the country nominating committees have whittled the lists.

So that’s it…those are the highlights. Read the whole booklet at your leisure, but don’t take too long. Only two days left.

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