“We believe in what you’re doing”

I recently issued an Open Letter and some public and private thanks (not for the first time) to some of the patrons who’ve had Wadadli Pen’s back time and again.

Times are tough for individuals as well as businesses. So, the offers that have come trickling in ahead of the 2014 season of the Wadadli Pen Challenge, the little or much that people or businesses feel able to offer, have been especially appreciated.  Especially so the ones that have offered, unasked.

This morning, I met up at an event with the representative of a former patron. She let me know she’d seen the letter and the private thank you.


Do I push? Do I smile? Wait and see?

I wasn’t sure how to respond.

In the end, I said something like, look forward to hearing from you…maybe.

“Definitely!” She said, emphatically. “We believe in what you’re doing.”

I got a similar email from another of the past patrons. He said, “Hope you get the necessary support since as I keep saying with this project you are making an immense contribution to the society.” He said times are still rough but he’s still in. A third said: things are picking up so check in in 2014. There have been other offers of support, which you can read here along with the full list of patrons and partners through the years.

I don’t know if any of these will work out but I’m hopeful, tired and stretched for time, but hopeful; hopeful enough to begin to shake off the bitterness of a bad experience related to  sponsorship solicitation for my summer project – an experience that had left me feeling even more tentative than usual about asking people to give coming into this 10th year of Wadadli Pen.

Thank God I’m getting over that.

Remember, you too can support Wadadli Pen. If you want to give, email wadadlipen@yahoo.com


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