Alice Munro and Literary Tourism

Alice Munro is the winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature. Congrats to her. She is the first Canadian writer to cop the coveted prize. The short story writer is the 13th woman to have done so. She’ll pocket US$1.2 million. The award is given each year for a lifetime/body of work.

I’m late with the announcement but I found this article about the push for acquisition of her properties as community resources, part of  a thrust toward literary tourism, interesting. Two things come to mind, my visit to Louisa May Alcott house and the time a researcher contacted me hoping to find Jamaica Kincaid’s house. If the latter exists, I don’t know of it but it’s the kind of creative niche that could appeal to the kind of traveller who goes to Europe to visit the grave sites of poetic greats; or treasures the mug she got at Louisa May Alcott house, the one with all the March sisters from  Little Women, and nearly cried when it fell and broke. I’ve heard about the former and I kind of am the latter. Don’t judge.


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