INET-Rotaract Spelling Bee In Session

UPDATE! The Winner Is…

The 2013 finalists

The 2013 finalists

See the little one to the far right, he the WINNER. His name is Deron Samuels and he is a grade five student at Sunnyside Tutorial. The runners up were, in descending order, Daniel Antonio of St. Michael’s Primary, Korinthia Watley of Freetown Primary, Zaria Nanton of Willikies, and Mahreka Robinson of New Winthorpes Primary.


The INET-Rotaract Spelling Bee is in its 7th year with the telecommunications company as a first time brand name sponsorAPUA, replacing Seven Seas/Haliborange/Frank B. Armstrong. Semi-finals are October 12th and finals October 19th at the Precision Centre in Tomlinsons. Other brand name sponsors are Frank B. Armstrong, ECABecab, and Scotia Bank.


There are 20 participating schools all participants and, as of this writing, 10 finalists:Kolisha Lustal of St. John’s Catholic Primary, the defending champions; Zaria Nanton of Willikies; Jowanna Pigott of Gospel Light Elementary; Jahmal Peters of Potters Primary; Korinthia Watley of Freetown; Daniel Antonio of St. Michael’s; Jenessa Gray of Holy Trinity School; Anele Nation of Christian Union Junior Academy; Mahreka Robinson of New Winthorpes Primary; and Deron Samuel of Sunnyside Tutorial.


The community is being encouraged to come out and support the kids and maybe win some prizes themselves. See you there.


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