N.B. Entries for the Wadadli Pen 2014 Challenge will not be accepted before the launch in January 2014. But feel free to review both Terms and Guidelines, and start writing now.

The Wadadli Youth Pen Prize, hereinafter referred to as Wadadli Pen, is designed to encourage the literary (and visual) arts and to create as many avenues as possible for showcasing some of the best young writers (and artists) coming out of Antigua and Barbuda.

Wadadli Pen provides opportunities for young writers (and artists) out of Antigua and Barbuda to be celebrated as winners of its annual Challenge.

But Wadadli Pen aspires to be more than a contest; from the beginning its goal has been not only to showcase but to nurture young Antiguan and Barbudan literary talent. As such, stories and poems will be reviewed by our judges and, if shortlisted, will be returned with judges’ comments for editing before final selection. Writers will have final say re edits to their submissions; but are expected to participate in this process as we strive to assist in strengthening the pieces where necessary. As would happen during the publishing process, the same applies to shortlisted art pieces which in 2014 are cover designs for short listed stories. See details re Wadadli Pen Guidelines for 2014 here.

Winning pieces will be posted on https://wadadlipen.wordpress.com and may be published in other formats and on other sites. As such, with your submission, you grant Wadadli pen first publication rights and non-exclusive rights to re-publish and share after that with your byline and bio (i.e. all due credit given). It is understood that beyond the prizes you collect as Wadadli Pen winners no additional compensation will be due from Wadadli Pen, its organizers/partners, or patrons. That said, your copyright remains your own and we will respect that; posting and/or publishing the winning works not for personal profit but for promotional, educational,  and/or fundraising purposes in support of the Wadadli Pen programme. You are free, after first publication at https://wadadlipen.wordpress.com to republish your pieces as desired. We request that you reference https://wadadlipen.wordpress.com when doing so.

If you are selected as a winner, you accept that your image will be used in spotlighting the Wadadli Pen Challenge and its outcome. You accept as well that you may be called upon to make media appearances as well as readings at the request of the organizers of Wadadli Pen in the interest of promoting you – the writer, the contest, and the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda. These appearances are, of course, subject to your availability.

If you have questions or concerns re these terms, please email wadadlipen@yahoo.com for clarification. Please visit the Wadadli Pen 2014 Guidelines page for instruction specific to the 2014 Challenge.

Wadadli Pen is being undertaken with the support of various partners and patrons; please visit our Thank You page where re recognize not only those who have pledged to help in 2014 but those who have assisted over the years.

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