Erna Brodber

“People read about these things in something called “history” at school, but it’s not made to relate to your real life. You hear about the slaves, and who wants to be related to the slaves? They’re not people, they’re some creature that you read about. So why would you believe it happened to your people, or anywhere near you?” – Erna Brodber

So Erna Brodber…read her in university. Met her recently in Guadeloupe. Sitting across from her at a dinner table and talking writer to writer was something unexpected and wonderful in my life. And getting the chance to hear her read…now have to add other books of hers to the reading list. I overheard someone after she read describing her as the Caribbean’s Toni Morrison. Hearing her read, I see the connection. There are layers and layers of meaning to both of their writing and a sense of knitting the loose threads between diaspora and home, reconnecting self and ancestral spirit. And both of their wells run deep. No doubt you’ve read many interviews with Morrison as I have; here’s a Brodber interview I just read and suggest you do too.

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