Joy’s Schools Tour

Joy Lawrence has been delivering as schools ambassador for the Wadadli Pen 2014 Challenge season. It is the folk historian and poet’s first year with the programme and she has jumped in with both feet, visiting a number of schools to promote the literary arts in general and Wadadli Pen in particular.

“I had such wonderful times at the schools,” she’s informed me, noting that even schools she visited unofficially were happy to see her. I and other Wadadli Pen volunteers have visited many schools over our 10 years and have had finalists (i.e. top writers and artists) from 16 schools* and entries from more, but as Joy is discovering programme awareness could still be a lot better…a lot better. So, it’s good to have someone dedicated to the task, especially someone who is as available and enthusiastic as Joy has proven to be. “I can’t tell you how I would be happy to have something like this offered when I was going to school as well as when I was a young teacher,” she said. Hope her enthusiasm is catching.

Here are images from her visits to Kids Unlimited, St. Michael’s and Trinity Academy.

Joy with students from Trinity Secondary School.

Joy with students from Trinity Secondary School.

Joy with students at St. Michael's Primary.

Joy with students at St. Michael’s Primary.

Kids Unlimited students listen to a presentation by Lawrence.

Kids Unlimited students listen to a presentation by Lawrence.

For the Wadadli Pen Challenge of 2014, our 10th year, we will be inviting submissions from writers and artists 12 and younger, 13 to 17, and 18 to 35, as well as teachers of any age; we’ll also reward the school with the greatest number of submissions.

Go here for Guidelines, here for Terms, and subscribe or listen out for the launch of the 2014 season. Spoiler alert: it’ll be in January 2014.

*School performance on Wadadli Pen 2004 to 2013 – i.e. how many finalists have there been from how many schools again? – N.B. the number in brackets represents one person but that person may have been a repeat finalist which means the school may have shown up more than the number actually suggests.
Antigua Girls High (7)
Antigua State College (9)
Antigua Wesleyan Junior Academy (3)
Buckleys (1)
Christ the King High (2)
Clare Hall Secondary (1)
Foundation Mixed School (1)
Golden Grove Primary (1)
Irene B. Williams (1)
Island Academy (1)
Minoah Magnet (1)
Ottos Comprehensive (1)
Princess Margaret (1)
St. Andrew’s (1)
St. Nicholas (1)
Sunnyside (1)

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