Guardian Picks Best Caribbean Books of 2013

So since this is an Antiguan and Barbudan blog, you’ll want to know if any Antiguan and Barbudan books made the list. No resident Antiguan and Barbudan writers did, no…not yet. But there is Alscess Lewis-Brown, born in Antigua, raised and still resident in the USVI. Alscess is the author of Moko Jumbi Majorette which you may remember me previously listing on our page of Antigua and Barbuda Children’s Fiction. I also want to mention Carol Ottley-Mitchell, a Kittitian-Nevisian author, who’s mentioned for her book Fury on Souffriere Hills. Ottley-Mitchell has been and remains a friend to both the Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project and the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize. In fact, she is the main sponsor of our Lead by Example Teachers Prize being introduced for the 2014 Wadadli Pen Challenge. If you’ve read my book blogs, you know I’m sorta obsessed with Haitian writer Edwidge Dandicat, so I have to mention that she’s on the list as well for Claire of the Sea Light, which I haven’t read yet but predict nonetheless will be great because she is consistently great. I’m sure the books are all great especially with talents like Debbie Jacob (of Trinidad) and Olive Senior (of Jamaica) also making the cut. Read the full list here.

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