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I try to share news of interest to and/or involving Caribbean writers when I come across it. This has been bookmarked for a while now but I never got around to posting. It’s the finals of the Wasafiri 2013 writing contest. Wasafiri is a UK based publication open to global writing but known to be of a high standard and exceedingly difficult to get into. So, kudos to Danielle Boodoo Fortune, my writer friend from Trinidad and Tobago (who actually interviewed me once in a post featured elsewhere on this site), who was shortlisted in its 2013 contest for her poem For Difficult Daughters. No surprise there, Danielle is a double threat with poetry and art that is distinctive.

Here she is among the full list of 2013 poetry finalists …

‘Isabella’ by Ron Carey

’38 to Islington’ by Liz Bahs

‘A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Stealing Love’ by Anita Pati

‘Kama Sutra’ by Amali Rodrigo

‘For Difficult Daughters’ by Danielle Boodoo-Fortune


The poetry winner was Anita Pati for ‘A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Stealing Love’

And here’s the full list of finalists including fiction and life writing categories.

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