Urgent Art

I wrote a poem after attending this show. It’s one of those poems that felt urgent, so urgent in fact that I even sent it to the artist  and organizer of the fashion rave/art show (designer Argent); true say though I don’t know if it’s any good and part of me wants to pull it back. But I can’t help feeling that that’s good, that uncomfortable feeling, that dangerous feeling after all is what the show which also featured art pieces by X-Sapphair, Argent’s fashion, and most compellingly Argent’s performance piece and reflection on the challenges of being an artist in a country where art is too often given scant regard by the powers that be. One of the things I remember about that night, that show, was how cocooned I felt in that upper museum gallery in a space that was all about the art, and it was no surprise when someone like Calvin S, a revered designer in his own right, said we need more of this, like every month, just artists getting together and being creative…it was the kind of setting from the fashion on the wall to the sculpture in the middle of the room that made you want more creativity and collaboration, to witness it, to be a part of it; so creating that poem in that space (the upper gallery of the Museum) felt right, organic to the experience itself. Here are some of the images from the show.

IMG-20140114-WA0000 IMG-20140130-WA0000 IMG_20140128_111824 IMG_20140128_111903 IMG_20140128_111938 IMG_20140202_195339~2

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