Wadadli Pen 2014 Challenge – The Short List

Congratulations to all the writers who took a creative leap by participating in the 2014 Wadadli Pen Challenge, and to those who impressed the judges enough to make the short list. In no particular order, they are:

Carmen Ambrose (teacher, Teacher Training, Antigua State College)

Chammaiah Ambrose (9, student, Sunnyside Tutorial School)

Vega Armstrong (12, student, St. Anthony’s Secondary School)

Terry Benjamin Jr. (11, student, St. John’s Catholic Primary School)

Letisha Carrington Faracho

Damian G. K. De Silva (teacher, Antigua Grammar School)

Ariel Dunnah (18, student, Antigua State Collge)

Zahra Tahira Suzette Emanuel  (14, student, Irene B. Williams School)

Daryl George (Youth Department employee)

Christopher Gittens (11, student, St. John’s Catholic Primary School)

Asha Graham (16, student, Antigua State College)

Daniel Ince (10, student, T N Kirnon School)

Margaret Mae Maria Irish (teacher, ABIIT & after school programme)

Liscia Lawrence

Arizé Sabien Charles Lee (18, student, Antigua State College)

Zoë Kyah I. Lewis (12, student, St. John’s Catholic Primary)

Mjolnir Messiah (10, student, Minoah Magnet Academy of Math, Science and Technology)

Kaylee Meyer

Kelvin Juwon Miller (17, student, Antigua State College)

Alexandra Nathaniel Spence (18, student, Antigua State College)

Paula Russell-Peters (teacher, T N Kirnon School)

Kohlyah Piper

Angelica O’Donoghue

Zion Ebony Williams (8, student, Baptist Academy)


We can also announce that the school with the most submissions is… (drum roll)… T N KIRNON PRIMARY SCHOOL. This is T N Kirnon’s first year in the Challenge; so kudos to them for stepping up in a big way. That’s the only teaser you’ll be getting. To see all short listed writers awarded and the top finalists across all the literary and visual arts categories named, you’ll need to come out to the awards ceremony to be held Sunday 30th March at the Best of Books, beginning at 4 p.m.

Participating writers and artists, please take note of the date and time, check back here and/or respond in a timely manner to any emails sent as we continue the work of not only encouraging and rewarding promising Creatives but helping to nurture the talent and potential we see in the submitted works; and as we move toward making our 10th anniversary celebrations our best yet.

With thanks to all Patrons and Partners.

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