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Our mail system is a wonder, mail sometimes taking forever to come and other times getting here right-fast. This time it worked in my favour, right-fast, as I just received a coy of Kiskadee Girl by Maggie Harris, a British based Guyanese writer, who contacted me and offered to contribute something to Wadadli Pen. I am always thrilled when we can share with Wadadli Pen’s participants books by Caribbean writers because they need to see good Caribbean literature to appreciate what they themselves can do, to appreciate that Caribbean literature is not past but is happening, right now. So when Ms. Harris offered, I asked for Kiskadee Girl and, yay, it arrived today.

I also wanted to share (I don’t think she would mind), the note received from Ms. Harris:

kiskadee girl

Dear Joanne,

A copy of Kiskadee Girl enclosed. I am honoured that a book of mine may illuminate and encourage writing and offer a window on our history.

I wish the recipient many congratulations and the continued journey through creativity. Whether we be scientists or engineers, we will always need words, and stories.

Kindest regards,

Maggie Harris

I love this note, I love that Ms. Harris gets what we’re about. I want to thank her and the other writers who have shared their books with Wadadli Pen winners this and previous years (especially since really we should be buying these books from them; as a writer myself, I know that every sale counts). So I list them below in hopes that if you happen upon this page, you will support these writers and check out these books, because they’ve done their little bit to encourage and support the literary arts in the Caribbean and our little programme that could here in Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua My Antigua by Barbara Arrindell (Antigua and Barbuda)
The Legend of Bat’s Cave and Other Antiguan Stories by Barbara Arrindell
Powder Necklace by Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond (Ghana/USA)
Island Princess in Brooklyn by Diane Browne (Jamaica)
The Tides that Bind by Claudia Elizabeth Ruth Francis (Antigua and Barbuda/UK)
The Road to Wadi Halfa by Claudia Elizabeth Ruth Francis
Kiskadee Girl by Maggie Harris (Guyana/UK)
Oh Gad! by Joanne C. Hillhouse (Antigua and Barbuda)
The Boy from Willow Bend by Joanne C. Hillhouse
Dancing Nude in the Moonlight by Joanne C. Hillhouse
Ab-soul-uuutely Dotsie by Dotsie Isaac Gellizeau
A Narrow Escape by S E James (Antigua and Barbuda)
Kidnapped at the Beach by S E James
Tragedy on Emerald Island by S E James
Unburnable by Marie Elena John
Ariadne and Other Stories by Ruel Johnson (Guyana)
Fictions by Ruel Johnson
Bethesda and Christian Hill: Our History and Culture by Joy Lawrence (Antigua and Barbuda)
The Footprints of Parham by Joy Lawrence
The Way We Talk and Other Antiguan Folkways by Joy Lawrence
All that Glitters is not Gold by Marcel Marshall
Dog-Heart by Diana McCaulay (Jamaica)
Huracan by Diana McCaulay
Books from the Caribbean Adventure Series by Carol Mitchell
Another Day by Carol Mitchell (St. Kitts and Nevvis/USA)
Motion in Poetry by Motion (Canada/Antigua)
Send Out You Hand by Dorbrene O’Marde (Antigua and Barbuda)
Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes (USA)
Being Black by Althea Prince (Antigua and Barbuda/Canada)
Ladies of the Night by Althea Prince
So the Nailhead Bend, So the Story End: An Anthology of Antiguan and Barbudan Writing edited by Althea Prince
LiTTscapes: Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago by Kris Rampersad (Trinidad and Tobago)
Singles Holiday by Elaine Spires (UK//Antigua)
Sweet Lady by Elaine Spires
What’s Eating Me? by Elaine Spires
Under the Calabash Tree by Leon Chaku Symester (Antigua and Barbuda)
Pink Teacups and Blue Dresses by Floree Williams (Antigua and Barbuda)

As with all content (words, images, other) on, except otherwise noted, this is written by Joanne C.
Hillhouse (author of The Boy from Willow Bend, Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, and Oh Gad!), founder and coordinator of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize. All Rights Reserved. If you enjoyed it, check out my page on Amazon, WordPress,
and/or Facebook, and help spread the word about Wadadli Pen and my books. You can also subscribe to the site to keep up with future updates. Thanks. And remember while linking and sharing the links, referencing and excerpting, are okay, lifting content (words, images, other) from the site without asking is not cool. Respect copyright.

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