By Kelvin Juwon Miller

“Pretty good attempt” – LITERARY ARTS JUDGE

“Great modern/contemporary art work for a very contemporary tale; clean lines, good colours.” – VISUAL ARTS JUDGE

Cover design by Shaziane (Hilesha Humphreys).

Cover design by Shaziane (Hilesha Humphreys).

Mama tells me that I’m nothing but a problem

I’m 12 maybe I should run away for 3 years

I’m not good at math but that should solve her problem

Added to that her attention is divided between me and Carlton

He gets all her love and of course, I get none

I’ve never seen my dad’s face but I can tell he’s always smiling

He doesn’t have to see my ugly face or listen to my constant crying

Well whatever, forget him, he can stay where he is

I can raise myself into a better man than he is

Or I can get help from the men in my village

The ones on the corner, where unlike him they’re never too distant

They even taught me how to roll a joint and rob tourists at gun point

I don’t know how to love, I’ve only learned how to hate

People say I never learn, but I do so let me demonstrate

I hate the world and I hate everything in it

I hate this life and I can’t wait till it’s finished

Everyone hates me but really what have I done?

I just want to be loved instead of simply being the mischievous and unwanted second son

But that was easy to become since I’m easily overlooked and misunderstood by everyone

So now Browne’s Avenue is my avenue for taking out frustration

I’m going to stone Ms.Joseph’s house and steal her son’s PlayStation

The wrestling channel is where I channel my attention

I’m going to beat Kyle for no reason then scud detention

I’m older now, so school is just a waste of time

I’m bolder now so I’m done with all the petty crimes

I’m 16 with a 9 on my waistline

Pants below my hip, Red bandana on my head

Tried going home but mama won’t let me in this time

The streets is all I know now, I don’t know any better

I’m being labeled as a delinquent but I don’t know how to live any better

I have to rob a shop at night just to eat dinner

Now I’m being judged because I find peace in violence

Your Honour I want to change, ah nar lie me ah tell!

I’m just a young boy with a bad past, don’t make me spend my future in a prison cell.

Kelvin Juwon Miller

Author’s Bio:  Kelvin Juwon Miller, 17, is a student at the Antigua State College. His poem Delinquent Development earned second place in the 13 to 17 age category of the 2014 Wadadli Pen Challenge. Kelvin enjoys expressing and exercising creativity in everything he does, as well as being inspired and being an inspiration to others. He is, he said, a young man who loves God; and his dream is to use his talents to serve God “the best that I can.” 

Artist Bio: Shaziane began dabbling in abstract art in 2007 and has now moved on to studying for an Associate’s Degree in grahic design. In addition, she coordinated Happy Days Street Art Events in 2013 as a way of pulling interest to visual art. Her image earned third place in the 2014 Wadadli Pen Art Challenge. She was also the winner of the 18 to 35 category of the 2010 Wadadli Pen literary arts Challenge.

Copyright of the story belongs to the author and copyright of the art work belongs to the artists; so, no stealing.

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