By Angelica O’Donoghue

Enjoying this,

Dark Brown’ Black ass; Dark tits – pointed; Solitude.

Nappy hair colored in ways that should never be allowed,

My kinky roots Strong!

Jet black eyes, darkened by hard times,

The hard times of my forefathers; My mammi and how she did wuk long.

My bushy eyebrows all clustered together,

Cause a so dem big ships did cluster us together; Remember?

Never will I arch dem, like how we did arch arwe backs under the physical and mental oppression.

Come let me straighten up,

No not my hair! Leave my nappy roots be.

Come let me straighten my back, embracing this long, slender figure.

tun around mi sister, tun mek dem see. Your broad hips thick thighs, round behind.

Tun up mi broad nose at dem colorless capitalist that called my mammi colored.

And my thick heavy lips, are the same lips that gave you music and culture.

The same lips that started revolutions, spoke out oppression and is now leading America!

Oh I am Loving the Skin I’m in…

My melanin rich Colour

My unique Colour

My blemish free Colour

My one Colour

Black I born, Black I shall die

My Colour.

My Deep rooted Nappy Hair

My versatile Nappy Hair

My kinky roots twisted Nappy Hair

No need to iron or perm,

When I can twist, lock, plait, afro, wear it low, wear it long

My Nappy Hair.

Ambi and Revlon, ya’ll sit back and watch me

Enjoying this…

Dark brown; Black ass; Dark tits – pointed; Solitude.

Cause I am Loving the Skin I’m in.

Angelica Odonoghue

Author’s bio: Angelica O’Donoghue is a 25 yr old Business Owner and a mother. She is also the 2006 winner of Wadadli Pen. She write “I enjoy writing, performing and research. I also hope/ intend to publish my first book (poetry and short story).”

Copyright of the written piece belongs to the author; so, no stealing.

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