By Daniel Ince

“…story was interesting”  JUDGE

It all started one stormy night when Tropical Storm Emily was passing. My friends Joel and Emmanuel came over to shelter in my home because they were living very near to the shoreline and were afraid for their safety. It was forecasted that a dangerous storm surge was approaching with the storm. My mom, dad and brother, Victor were also home securing our house before the storm came ashore.

We all settled into our beds as the night was very quiet and calm. You could not tell a storm was approaching. My mom read an adventurous story with some scary characters for us that night and I fell asleep before she could finish. Suddenly, I jumped out of my sleep panting for air, I couldn’t breathe properly. There was a crackling roll of thunder. It shook our house like an earthquake. I peered out of my window and suddenly a white sparkling lightning struck across the dark night sky and there was another earth shaking roll of thunder. I got so scared that I shouted for my mom, but she didn’t answer. All I could hear at that moment was the howling wind which sounded like a pack of wolves wanting to break down the secure walls of my home.  I then called out to my friends Joel and Emmanuel, still I heard no answer. I guess with the noise that the storm was making coupled together with the deep sleep they were in, no one could hear my cry for help. When I looked towards the entrance of my room, in the corner I saw what seemed like the figure of a man staring at me. My heart began to race like I had been running up a hill.

I called, “Dad is that you?”

No answer came. I began to have cold sweat and wondered if it was a ghost I was seeing. I pulled the sheet over my body and covered myself from head to toe and tried to sleep again. I couldn’t stop thinking about what was just outside my door. I turned my back to the door and I faced the window and I began to pray for the night to pass.

After a while, I fell asleep again and didn’t hear or dream about anything else. When I awoke the next morning, I was surprised to see what had looked like a man or a ghost staring at me the night before was in fact my dad’s raincoat and hat hung on the wall just outside my bedroom door. I breathed a sigh of relief and said to myself, “Look what kept me awake and frightened all night.”

I woke my friends and told them my story and they all started laughing.

They shouted, “Scaredy cat!” and started calling me all sorts of names.

I was happy that my scary night was over.

Daniel Ince

Author’s bio: Daniel is a grade six student at the T. N. Kirnon School. He loves to play football and cricket. His favourite past time is raising chickens. He loves fry rice, cook up and Chinese food. He has one older brother. Daniel is an honourable mention in the 12 and younger category of the 2014 Wadadli Pen Challenge.

Copyright belongs to the author; so, no stealing.

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