By Arizé Sabien Charles Lee

Cover design by Shem Alexander.

Cover design by Shem Alexander.

They’re numb again, my fingers,
They long for a sunny day.
Instead they suffer shivers,
And the palms turn slightly grey.

Caged within gloves of leather,
Their need to feel, oppressed.
Ceaselessly grasping for better,
But met with arctic distress.

They’re numb again, my feet,
They dare not touch the ground.
It’s covered by a sheet of sleet,
No sight of sand around.

I walk about entrapped by fabrics,
For fear that I may freeze.
I traded in the blesséd tropics,
For a bitter blizzard breeze.

Granted, I was born American,
In the land of liberty.
But my soul is pure Antiguan,
And this wasteland shackles me.

I long for fallen coconuts,
Their sweet water and tickling touch.
Beach weekends were once a must,
Where the crabs scuttled and grapes were lush.

There, sun rays kissed my skin,
And sand felt warm beneath my toes.
A symphony of waves crashing,
Played, while salty air intrigued my nose.

The energetic, dialect chatter,
Of a people full of love and life.
The irreplaceable lunch and dinner,
Of fungi, ducana or season rice.

How could I abandon my haven?
Ah! I’ve listened to such lies!
“New York is a city heaven!”
Is what they said with hypnotized eyes.

I’ve truly been deceived,
For no true summer comes and leaves.
Sigh… it’s numb again, my heart,
This winter hell ripped it apart.

A Lee picture

Author’s bio: Arizé Lee is a second year student in the Advanced Level Department, at the Antigua State College. He is graduating in June with an Associates Degree in Humanities. Lee writes, “During my childhood, my older sister and mother encouraged me to read and it birthed my undying love for literature. I thoroughly enjoy creating or analyzing the written word, whether for scholastic or leisure purposes. Hopefully, I can use this passion to spread rich Caribbean Culture worldwide and inspire others to do the same.” His poem The Cold Truth was honourable mention in the 18 to 35 age category – and a strong contender for the main prize in the second round of judging in the Wadadli Pen 2014 Challenge.

Copyright of the written piece belongs to the author and copyright of the art piece belongs to the artist; so, no stealing.

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