By Zahra Emanuel

“This writer has promise.” – JUDGE

It was a hot Good Friday morning; I was sitting on my gallery cooling out.  Then my phone rang, when I looked on the phone it was my best friend Keisha calling.

“Hello.”, I said answering the phone.

“Gyal you want me and you go beach today?”  Keisha asked me.

“Of course but which beach?” I interrogated Keisha.

“Let’s go Pigeon Point, me go try convince me brother to carry us.” Keisha answered.

“Okay let’s go for 11 o’clock.” I told her.

“Alright 11 o’clock it is.”, Keisha agreed.

When I hung up the phone I told my mom where I was going.  Then I put on my bath suit packed my bag and waited.

“Beep Beep Beep!!” went the car horn.

When I looked I saw it was Keisha’s bigger brother, Andrew, silver Alteza. I got into the car and it was a surprise to see Keisha and I wearing the same clothes, our blue shorts with our green tank tops. The sorts Keisha had on made her bottom look even bigger and the shades gave her small round face a nice look.

When we got there the beach was the same as usual, not much people around and the people that were there were just sitting under the old trees cooling out. After a while of walking up and down the beach I decided to go on the jetty and Keisha followed.  While we were on the jetty we talked about how much we missed our old friend Tanaya who had moved to the United States of America and how much we wished she could be there with us.  We talked about how hard third form had been and Keisha even told me that her oldest sister Mc Kenzie was going to get married to some English man she met when she went to study at Harvard  University.

After that long conversation we sat down and just had our feet in the water. I stared at Keisha for a while, noticing how much she had change over the past couple of years. She had put on some weight and her breasts got even bigger, at least 5 times the size of mine. Her hair was not jet black any more it was brown and her small round face looked even smaller. Keisha had some nice hazel eyes and everywhere we went together some random boy always wanted her number but she always gave them a fake one.  Now Keisha made me feel like I was not in the body of a fourteen year old. She made me feel smaller than usual.

When I finally came out of dream land I looked back and there were two boys coming toward us. One of them I recognized from school, it was a boy I never really talked to I didn’t even know his name. All I knew about him was that he was in fourth form.

“What’s up Keisha”, one boy said.

“Me ya what about you”, Keisha answered with a smile on her face.

“You know him?” I asked Keisha with a puzzled look.

“Yes gyal, is my cousin”, she said.

“Okay.”, I said to her like I was not too interested in talking to him.

“So wa you a do at the beach gyal” the boy asked Keisha.

“Me and me friend just come to cool, you know getting our rest before we go back to school”, she told him.

“Okay”, the boy answered.

I was not too interested in hanging around him though he was tall and had nice black eyes that matched his lovely skin tone, so I just went back into dream land.

I thought about how a water-spout had come and swallowed the strange boy up and Keisha cried and cried and I just stood there and watched her cry. Those things didn’t happen so often here in Antigua. Just then Keisha said something that was very strange of her to say.

“Come mek we jump off the jetty nuh” Keisha said

“Okay” said the boy

“You coming with us?” Keisha asked me.

“No me can’t swim nuh.” I told her.

“Neither can I.” she said

I thought about it for a while and then I said “Well, it wouldn’t hurt to try but since a you come up with the idea you jump off first.”

“No problem” Keisha said as she jumped off the jetty and a couple of seconds later the boy followed her and soon enough his friend did to.

I stopped watching them for a while to look at a school of fish passing by. When I looked back I realized I didn’t see Keisha so I asked the boys if they knew where she was and they said they don’t know and they just came out of the water.

“Keisha!!” I screamed at the top of my voice “This is not any time to be playing jokes!”

I tried to get both the boys attention but I failed big time at that. I looked around some more and I saw Keisha trying to keep her head above water by some sea weeds. I took action and jumped into the water. As I did that I said a little prayer “Lord give me strength”. I tried to get a good grip of Keisha but she was kicking up a lot so I did not manage to grip her good.

“Tap you wilding out nuh gyal if you nah want to dead today ya” I said.

“Dead me nah want to dead”, she said and she started wilding out again.

There I was trying my best to keep Keisha’s head above water and to pull her out but I was failing. After a long long long time of struggling I managed to pull her out the water. When we were on the sand a tall indigent looking man in a bleached out boxers came running towards us.

“All you okay?” asked the man.

“Yes we are okay.” Keisha answered as she just caught herself together.

The man just looked at us shacked his head and walked away.

“Keisha a wa the bottom for you bathing suit?” I giggled.

Keisha flew up.

“Look it there floating in the water!” she said with an embarrassing look on her face.

I grabbed a towel and gave it to her then went for the piece of her suit in the water.  While she was putting the bottom for her bathing suit on I said “Next time we coming beach somebody who can swim coming with us.”

“You took the words right out my mouth.” Keisha agreed.

“It is a good thing that I am tall so I can stand far out in the water.” I boasted to Keisha.

She just laughed and then thanked me for saving her then she called her brother to come for us and we went straight home.

Suzette EmmanuelAuthor’s bio: Zahra is a 14-year-old student at the Irene B. Williams School. Her entry was third placed in the 13 to 17 age category of the 2014 Wadadli Pen Challenge.

Copyrighted to the author; so, no stealing.

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