by Chammaiah T. Ambrose

Cover design by Vega Armstrong.

Cover design by Vega Armstrong.


I never saw the butterflies

While the eggs they did lay.

But they were on the frangipani tree

Day after day.


I woke up one morning,

And what did I see?

Dozens of greedy caterpillars

On the frangipani tree.


The larvae ate and ate

Until the tree was bare.

And in a few days the clumsy larvae

All disappeared.


Hanging from a tree

Were dozens of cocoons.

Inside were the sleeping pupas

All awaiting to bloom.


What a transformation!

What a metamorphosis!

Out flew many beautiful butterflies

From the chrysalis.


Then again they were on the tree-

That great cycle of nature –

Eggs, larvae, pupas, and butterflies,

Will ensure a bright future.

Chammaiah Ambrose

Author’s Bio: This is Chammaiah Ambrose’s second shot at the Wadadli Pen Prize. In 2013, she was third placed in the 12 and younger category and is second placed in 2014. She says, ”I love to read and write short stories and poems.  You can guess that my favourite subject in school must be Language Arts.  I read any type of books – both fiction and non-fiction.  Sometimes I would even read comics. On leaving school I would like to be an author or a professor of the Language Arts.” Chammaiah, who participated in the 2013 Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project, is a student at Sunnyside Tutorial.

About the artist: Vega Armstrong is a very creative young girl. She loves reading, writing, dancing, art and horseback riding. She holds bake sales with her friends to raise money for animal shelters. She enjoys time spent with her friends and in nature. Vega was a finalist in 2012 and 2013 of the Wadadli Pen (writing) Challenge and was the winner of the 12 and younger category in 2014.

Copyright of this written pieces belongs to the author and copyright of the art piece belongs to the author; so, no stealing.

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