By Kaylee Meyer


First day’s light breathes life and stirs the living to be awake

Amazed by the colour of the sky as the sun rises in the East

With shades the colour of pink flamingos, orange sorbet and yellow bell flowers

And we greet it with moans and groans, squinting eyes and wishes for a slight delay in its punctuality

But as it disappears,

When it sets below the line of perfection and hope between dark blue water and clear blue skies

Its flame disappears, leaving the sky on fire

This beauty stuns and hypnotizes us

Making us wish that it will stay there so we may be in eternal awe

Days we take for granted

Were days that were once dreaded

Beginning a day with continuous labour

These people were strong from the start

Days ending with slight relief that it was over, although if only for a while

They endured heat from our Golden sun that scorched their dark skin

They ploughed land and nurtured it with attentive care

To yield fields of sugary gold and potential bottles of spirit lifting rum

None of which they would receive

Their labour & enslavement was their life

But in this paradise they sang songs of escape, secrets, jokes, melee and freedom

It gave them uplifting and joyful moments and bonded them closer together

These songs lived on with the time

And were shared and passed on

Even now they can be still heard

Because of the inheritance of history

Under this sun

We frolic and squish our toes in White Sand

Decorated with fine pink diamond dust

And sit in the shade and let the sun toast our skin

While enjoying the view of the vast, endless, beautiful Blue sea and sky

We now enjoy the elements they once dreaded & feared

We have embraced it as a part of us

These fields were reaped, burnt and revived

Into -with time and sacrifice- Our soil

Fertilized by the bodies of our ancestors

Leaving it Black and dark as their skin

And as rich as their labour made Massas

We now build our lives and homes on these lands-

As we did once before –

Raising families, and providing for them

Developing Our Independent Island

Now reaping the land’s fullest potentials

Their blood watered the trees from which they hung

And the cane fields which they were flogged and killed in

Drawn in by the roots of those same trees and fields


It soaked the ground

And became a part of our roots

We moved beyond that time

Taking along with us the lessons learned

Sharing that culture and history

We celebrate Our Emancipation in the streets of Our Little Island

Dressed in colours of pride and glee

With music playing- evolved from what we used to know

But everyday

We sing

We dance

We laugh

We smile

This is who we are victorious, independent, happy and free

Kaylee Meyer

Author’s bio: Kaylee Meyer, 18 years old, is an honourable mention in the Wadadli Pen Challenge, 18 to 35 age category. She says, “I like being creative; from a young age I was encouraged to write stories and share them. Writing poems has been a hobby of mine for many years. I also like to read, paint, draw and create things using scrap materials I collect. I hope that later on in my life I will be a well recognised artist and author.”

Copyright belongs to the author; so, no stealing.

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