By Carmen Ambrose

“A heart-warming story.” – JUDGE

“Meow,” screamed Petita.  “It is time.”

“Time for what?” asked Yellow all confused.

“The babies are coming!”

Yellow inspected the box that their owner Carla, had prepared.  It had old clothes and newspapers at the bottom.

“It is good enough.  I am ready.”

Petita jumped into the box moaning and groaning.

When the first baby came, Yellow fainted.  He was out cold.  When he woke up, there were three cute fluffy little ones.  Their eyes were still closed, but they were feeling around for food from Petita.  Yellow looked at the little ones as any proud father would.  There was a black one and a yellow one.  But the orange and white kitten was his favourite. He reminded him of his dead brother Chappy who was killed by a car two months ago, so Yellow called him ‘Champ’.

Each day Yellow and Petita checked the eyes.  On the tenth day, they began to open.  By the fourteenth day, there were six bright eyes staring back at them.

Champ was the first to jump out of the box.  He was very handsome. He had huge yellow and black eyes that sparkled.  His nose and lips were pink as a carnation.  The four paws and the tip of his tail were white and soft as cotton.  The rest of his orange body shone like gold in the morning sun.  He too was a proud cat.

Yellow loved Champ.  He thought of the fun they would have playing all day in the sun.  He imagined them playing football, catch and hide and seek.  Just a few more weeks he thought!

Each day Champ had fun.  He played ball in the yard.  Sometimes he would chase the chickens and tug at the clothes hanging on the line.  At times, he would harass the fish in the fish tank and make a big water mess.  That made Carla upset, and chased him out of the house.

Champ made friends with the other animals.  The little black mouse that lived behind the cupboard and Champ would play hide and seek (or so it seemed) in the kitchen.  He even played tag with Skippy the puppy.

Then it happened.  Mrs. Jackson came to the yard and saw Champ playing.  She fell in love with him and wanted him.

“You may have him with pleasure,” said Carla.

Mrs. Jackson put Champ into a cage and took him away.  At that time, he was so scared that he could not cry for help.

Later that day, Yellow noticed that there were only two kittens in the yard playing.  Petita noticed also. “Where is Champ?” asked Yellow.

“Cha…Cha..Champ!” screamed Petita and Yellow.  But there was no answer.  Where could he be?

Felix the lazy black cat had seen it all.  He saw when Mrs. Jackson took their little Champ away.  He told Yellow and Petita what had happened.  He also knew the way to Mrs. Jackson’s house.

That night Felix took Yellow to the house.  From outside they could hear Champ crying.  He was calling for his mother and father.  “Don’t cry, dad is here!” yelled Yellow.

He found an opened window and climbed inside.  He quickly and carefully picked up Champ by the neck the way he had seen Petita do.  With one great big leap, he jumped out of the window and ran out of the yard.

Everyone was waiting in the moonlight under the guava tree. “They are coming,” shouted Bella, “and they have Champ too!”

All the cats, Skippy, even the birds and the little black mouse were jumping up and down and chanting.


During the rest of the night, Champ shivered like a leaf in a hurricane. He remained fixed by Yellow’s side, who kept him in sight for fear of losing him again.

In the morning, you could imagine how surprised Carla was when she saw Champ in the yard!

“How did you get back here?” she questioned.

Champ looked up at her with those big yellow eyes as if to say – ‘Do not send me away again’.  He was flanked by both his parents who looked so happy and proud of their son.  That touched Carla’s heart.  She picked him up, cuddled him and she too said.



Author’s Bio: Carmen is an honourable mention for the 2014 Teachers’ Lead by Example Prize, Wadadli Pen Challenge.

Copyright belongs to the author; so, no stealing.

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