New Winthorpes Wins

New Winthorpes Primary School has just won the 2013/2014 HANDS LITERACY AWARD FOR THE ISLAND OF ANTIGUA, the annual award from Hands Across the Sea which recognizes and rewards schools for excellence in the advancement of child literacy.
From a Hands communique:
“We chose New Winthorpes because the school’s Principal and staff are so passionate about literacy that they created a vibrant school library in the only space available, a tiny space few would even consider: a 20-foot by 6-foot storeroom.
“The school’s pump room, in fact.
“The effect of this small-but-powerful, fully-stocked borrowing library (over the past two years Hands has sent the school 650 great new books) has been dramatic. Children are excited about books, reading, and discovering and developing the many skills (comprehension, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving) that come with literacy.”You can read the big story about the Little School That Could, including photos of the small-space, big-impact library, at:

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