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Don’t have a link so I decided  to type up some of this because I think those of us who are practicing artistes and the policy makers who at present do woefully little to support our efforts need to read it. Forgive my conceit in hoping that one or both of the above will stumble across my blog and give a … –JCH, Wadadli Pen blogger

From Strengthening the Caribbean’s Cultural Industries by Ramesh Chaittoo, International Trade Expert in Services Scoop, The Caribbean Trade in Services Magazine Annual Publication 2014


The creative industries in the region are a significant sector with substantial economic value.

Many cultural industry professionals will argue, however, that the sector has achieved some measure of export success in spite of governments, not because of them.

So, just how should the Caribbean approach creative entrepreneurial development and maximize on the sector’s economic value…

Establish and implement a concerted research and marketing programme targeted at specific national and other musical and performing arts festivals across Europe… funding can be made available for artistic exchanges with European countries under the EPA Protocol on Cultural cooperation.

[sidebar: please note that here at Wadadli Pen, I’ve created a list of literary festivals throughout the Caribbean and opportunities within and beyond the Caribbean related to literary programmes, markets, contests, and more – use the search feature at the top right of the page to find them]

Establish national endowment funds for the Arts to which the public and private sectors can contribute. There may also be need for a regional fund for CARICOM-wide collaborations and productions.

[sidebar: re those festivals and other ideas and initiatives, funding is often one of the biggest barriers, so the need for this can’t be emphasized enough]

Establish a Caribbean Entertainment Investment Fund of about US$20-25 million at concessional or subsidized rates of interest from which the private sector in CARICOM can access financing for commercially viable projects. This could also include public-private partnerships to build facilities and infrastructure for the creative sector and join ventures across CARICOM states and between foreign and regional companies…

Build new facilities and infrastructure for artistic performances and practice across the Caribbean Community.

[sidebar: and open the finally completed but yet unfurnished public library and make it a community space for the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda… and consider converting one of our central historic buildings into a national art gallery while you’re at it]

To date, only Trinidad and Tobago has a major, specialized facilty for the performing arts. In the OECS there are no public facilities that are up to professional standards.

Convert and upgrade the irregular Caribbean Festival of the Arts (CARIFESTA) into a full-fledged professional entertainment trade show in the Cariibbean.

[sidebar: and make the selection process more transparent and inclusive on the national level…oh and as far as the literary arts go, assist the literary community in one of the first countries to mount a literary arts festival in a region where literary arts festivals have become quite popular to once again have a literary arts festival…by the way, you could easily insert jazz festival, performing arts festivals and other initiatives in which we’ve been a leader but not a followthrougher]

Establish national databases of artists and cultural entrepreneurs in all CARICOM countries which are updated on a continuous basis.

[sidebar: time consuming as it has been, I’ve tried to do as much for the literary arts here on this site through the listings of Antiguan and Barbudan writings and their various sub-genres, as well as the author links for those with an online presence]

Collect Market information and market opportunities, exchanges, funding for entertainers and other Caribbean artists involvement in trade missions, exhibitions etc. in the European Union, North America and Japan on a regular basis.

[sidebar: re literary arts – see Opportunities by searching this site]

National and/or regional entities need to help creative firms develop new short and medium-term strategies for creation, distribution and exploitation using digital technology and increasing international integration.

Provide training for financial institutions for the Caribbean on how to value intellectual assets (particularly copyright in music). Training in risk assessment for investment projects in the entertainment sector is also required especially since banks have no experience, apparent interest or understanding in lending to creative sector companies or individuals.

[sidebar: holler!]

Establish and strengthen training institutions for the entertainment sector, in particular, music and performing arts in countries in which they do not currently exist.

Establish creative business incubators.

Set up a regional initiative to promote the use of design and/or art in business to develop competitive edges, for example through “artist in residence” projects.”


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